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Who Are Your Guys?

Your Remodeling Guys is proud to have been recognized in Remodeling Magazines’ national publication of “America’s TOP 550 Contractors”. When considering the 557,000 specialty contractors in the country, it’s considered a lifetime honorary achievement for any company to break into the TOP 550. And yet Your Remodeling Guys achieved this after just four years of their initial start up with a prestigious ranking of 109 - placing them well within the top 1% in the entire country. Even more amazing is that they achieved this status while being based in the foothills of South Central Pa as opposed to a densely populated metropolitan area.

In June, 2011, Your Remodeling Guys was recognized by Central Penn Business Journal as one of the fastest growing companies over the past 3 years.

And how did these Guys do it?

There’s no identity crisis for this remodeler. Your Remodeling Guys focuses strictly on products and services for your home that require creative considerations towards “DESIGN IDEAS”. Consumers today are looking for design suggestions when making major decisions regarding certain improvements – they want to know what’s out there – what’s available – will it fit their lifestyle - how will it look with the rest of their décor. Yet this is where so many home improvement companies seem to be challenged.

Ryan Boggs, Your Remodeling Guys’ VP of Marketing states, "Most Contractors attempt to fulfill what they think the customer wants – but more times than not, they miss the mark. The other extreme is where customers turn to licensed architects and interior designers, which can become extremely expensive. With Your Remodeling Guys, we’re able to bring tasteful designs to our customers at no charge. And if the customer chooses to go with us, our quality and service is unmatched".

The company’s managing Design Consultant, Marianne Bondanza, believes that laying the job out with the “right design” up front makes all the difference in the world. "Good craftsmanship is important – but that’s a secondary consideration if the colors in your kitchen aren’t properly coordinated - or imagine a basement floor plan that was just bland or didn’t make sense."